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Monday, June 7, 2010

Nur Ein 5: Round 7 Review

The final 2 songs of Nur Ein 5 have been uploaded. Will Boop Boop or Berkeley Social Scene take the win? Let's review the challenge, then you can read my opinions of the final songs.

Title: "See You In Hell"
Non-optional Challenge: Bring Your A-Game
Boop Boop - And to think that I wouldn't have voted for you in the last round...wow. The idea was golden, and I loved this song. The lyrics & humor struck me right in the funny bone. I lean toward the more humorous type of music personally, and this was great. I only have 1 problem with the song. When you got to the devils little vamp:
Baby, I'm burning for you
Literally and figuratively
Please commit a sin
Rape a kitty kat
Take over a country
And kill all of the indigenous people
Anything to get you to me
I had A LOT of trouble understanding the lyrics. Once I hit the lyrics forum, I have to admit I loved it. I shouldn't have had to go look up the lyrics to understand them though. Overall great, but I'd really LOVE a do over in that one section. Well done sir.

Berkeley Social Scene - I'm getting tired of saying your production is good. It's always fucking good, I almost want you to record something with a crappy mic, window open on a windy day, next to a busy street just so I can say something different. Anyways...your song is fine. Vocals, music, lyrics everything....fine. It was enjoyable, and if this was a Song Fight match you would definately get one of my votes.

However, it's Nur Ein, and there can be only 1. In this case, after listening to both songs Boop Boop just stood out more. Sure I had an issue with 1 part of the song, but the rest jumped up, smacked me in the face and said, "Don't look at that, look at ME!" So really good work BSS, but I think Boop Boop just aced your king of clubs.

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