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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Nur Ein 5: Round 6 Results

I've been extremely slow about posting the results of Round 6. I sort of got side tracked with this new song writing tournament that I'm hosting. Anyways, if you haven't seen for yourself already, Berkeley Social Scene won round 6. I completely agreed with BSS getting the win, but I couldn't have disagreed more with Boop Boop taking 2nd. Oh, well. Boop Boop has produced some good music in this Nur Ein, so it should still be a good final match up. Chris Cogott, Milo Dunderville & Minty Handy were all eliminated, and Nur Ein 5 is about to come to a close. Round 7 is now underway...actually the songs should be posted very soon. So lets look at the challenge:

Title: "See You In Hell"
Non-optional Challenge: Bring Your A-Game
This might be my least favorite challenge of Nur Ein 5, but I'm still excited for the results.

Round 6 Results:
(A direct link to the MP3's of my favorite songs are provided.)

20 - Berkeley Social Scene
16 - Boop Boop
14 - Chris Cogott
13 - Milo Dunderville
12 - Minty Handy

Side Notes:
- Someone noted in the Song Fight Forums that "every contestant was ranked first by one of the judges." That's pretty cool.

- The man in charge of Nur Ein (Niveous) is one of the judges for my song writing tournament.

- We had a judges meeting today, and all the challenges have already been decided.

- There's also a pole in the side bar for you to vote on the start time of the listening parties.

- You can find more info on my tournament by clicking the links below:
Details - Official Sign Ups - Draft Of Schedule

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Reminder: I have nothing to do with NUR EIN...I'm just a fan.

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  1. The poll in the sidebar, "When should the LP's Start?" I read, "LP" as Long Playing Phonograph Record, which makes some sense, but not much. You meant, "Listening Parties for the Song Contest."