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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Nur Ein 5: Round 4 Review

It's time to share my favorite songs from round 4 of Nur Ein 5. Let's review what the challenge was this round:

Title: "'Not In This Lifetime"
Non-optional Challenge: Use the sample

Here's a sample created by Frankie Big Face. All you need to do is use it in your song. (We've included three versions of the sample, just at varied speeds)

Nur Ein Loop 2 - 96 BPM.mp3

Nur Ein Loop 2 - 112 BPM.mp3

Nur Ein Loop 2 - 132 BPM.mp3

The sample can be altered by tempo, duration, pitch, or timbre as long as it retains enough of its original character to be recognizable. It does not need to be looped.
My Favorites: (right click "Save As" on the artist to download their song)

Sid Denison & The Harpooners - Hated the intro, but then got over it once the music started. I love telling people to fuck off, so this song is a win.

Boop Boop - Liked the story/message of the song. Sounds like something I'd have listened to in the 80's.

Chris Cogott - Loved the production, but but found myself not really paying attention to the lyrics....don't know why. Just sort of jamming to it as I did other things. It was fun doing an air guitar bit towards the end.

Not Bad: (visit Nur Ein to download these songs)

Jon Eric - Although not great, one of the better vocal performances I've heard from you. Nice work.

Billy's Little Trip - Not bad, but not grabbing me yet. Liked it more the 2nd listen, so maybe it'll grow on me.

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