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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Spintown’s Song Fighter Of 2001

Listening to every song in the history of Song Fight is proving to be very difficult. So far I've listened to all of 2000, 2001, 2009 & 2010. I've gained an appreciation for how long some of these people have been fighting. I've also seen a lot of growth from some of the fighters over the years. The songs from 2009 are so much better then those from 2001...in general. There's still some gems to be listened to, and I hope I did a decent job of finding them.

If you haven't noticed, my 'reviews' are more like outlines. I don't really review EVERY song. I listen to every song, but I just attempt to point you in the direction of what I find to be the best of the bunch. I also give away the completely worthless title of "Spintown's Song Fighter Of The Year" at the end.

Here's the 3 things I considered when picking the Song Fighter of 2001:
- How many songs each person entered in 2001.
- How many times each person won.
- How many songs from each individual made it onto my Song Fight play list, and which songs I liked the most. (this is obviously the most important factor)

Previous Song Fight Recaps:
Song Fighter Of The Year 2009: Ross Durand
Song Fighter Of The Year 2000: Kissing Contest

Here’s a list of who entered the most songs during 2009. My stats may be a little off. My fact checker died in a terrible golf cart crash last month.

Total Songs Entered:
25 - Octothorpe
21 - The John Benjamin Band
19 - Frankie Big Face
18 - Raised By Wolves (link not working)
17 - add
16 - Hoblit
13 - Gunn And Fames
12 - fluffy porcupine
10 - Patrick Clayton
9 - Broken Class
9 - State Shirt
9 - Xenon Light
8 - Monorail Racetrack
8 - Narbotic
7 - Balls To Monte
7 - Gil Sans
7 - Jippers

4 people entered 6 songs, 4 people entered 5 songs, 5 people entered 4 songs, 13 people entered 3 songs, 30 people entered 2 songs & 131 people entered 1 song. In total 204 people/bands/collabs entered a total of 509 songs during 2001.

Here’s a list of who won the most fights during 2001.

4 - Raised By Wolves (link not working)
3 - Kompressor
3 - Milwaukee Youth Center Choir
3 - The Shortcakes
2 - add
2 - Duboce Triangle
2 - The John Benjamin Band
2 - MC Frontalot
1 - & And The Angle Brackets
1 - Analog Thought Process
1 - Banjo V
1 - Bravo Bros.
1 - Cap'n Swank And The Jesus Monkey
1 - CPR Review
1 - DJ Surly
1 - Doctor Worm
1 - Dog Traders
1 - drew
1 - Erin's Towel Goblin
1 - Frankie Big Face
1 - Gil Sans
1 - Hoblit
1 - Keado
1 - Ken's Super Duper Band 'n Stuff
1 - K-Line
1 - The Lifeguards
1 - Metalmags and her Dad
1 - Miss Mary Ellen
1 - Nil
1 - Octothorpe
1 - Ranch On Suede
1 - Reverie
1 - Status Cling
1 - Too Fat To Be A Rockstar

There were 47 winners from 45 different fights in 2001.

Here’s a list of who wrote the most songs I’m willing to listen to a 2nd time.

Total Songs On My Playlist:
10 - The John Benjamin Band
8 - Frankie Big Face
7 - Gunn And Fames
4 - Raised By Wolves (link not working)
3 - Balls To Monte
3 - Duboce Triangle
3 - Milwaukee Youth Center Choir
3 - Narbotic
3 - Ranch On Suede
2 - Aaron's Bowel Problem
2 - Ken's Super Duper Band 'n Stuff
2 - The Shortcakes

29 people had 1 song make it onto my Song Fight playlist.

In the end I decided to go with The John Benjamin Band as my Song Fighter of 2001. My favorite song probably came from another source, but I really dug the humor in his songs. Frankie Big Face was a fairly close 2nd, but in the end there can be only one. My top 5 songs from The John Benjamin Band will be linked to below, after that I’ll include a Song Fight 2001 guide. It'll show my favorites from each different fight.

The John Benjamin Band Top 5 Of 2001: (right click “Save As“ to download MP3)
1. New Planet
2. Husky Youth
3. Alright Alright
4. Red Robot
5. My Sister

Side Notes:
- The fight with the most songs entered (20) was “Birds Of Our Own”.

- It's Charging is dated 03/05/87 - 03/12/87 for some reason. I'm guessing it's just a mistake, and I included it with the 2001 review since it's posted in the middle of that year.

- For some reason Raised By Wolves has 2 Song Fight profiles. THIS profile is the one every link leads to, but it doesn't have any of the songs from 2001 on it. You can clearly see a 2nd profile HERE that has 50 tracks on it. However, even when you click on that you can't view the actual profile. It takes you to the first link.

You can click on the title of the fight to find any of the songs listed for that fight. I also provided a direct link to a few of my favorite songs below.

Husky Youth:
- Ken's Super Duper Band 'n Stuff
- prayformojo & Sucka MCs
- The John Benjamin Band
Alarm In The Graduate School:
- Narbotic
Experimental Fashion:
- Rewinder
Indie Rock Bottom:
- The John Benjamin Band
- Ken's Super Duper Band 'n Stuff (winner)
My Sister:
- Barber Boy
- Duboce Triangle Vs. John Benjamin Band
- The John Benjamin Band (winner)
- prayformojo
- The Buttermilk Compleat
Acid Mouth:
- fluffy porcupine
- Gunn And Fames
It's A Shame My Binoculars Don't Work At Night:
- Factor T
It's Charging:
- MC Flow Nation
Snow Globe:
- Gunn And Fames
- Metalmags With Jonathan
- Gunn And Fames feat. Kate
- Milwaukee Youth Center Choir
- Raised By Wolves
That's The Spirit:
- Patrick Clayton
- Balls To Monte
- Gunn And Fames
- Hoblit
- Monorail Racetrack
Alright Alright:
- Gunn And Fames
- The John Benjamin Band (winner)
Video Night:
- Gunn And Fames
Is It Cold?:
- & And The Angle Brackets (winner)
- Frankie Big Face
- Frederick Choi
Tiny Room:
- Aaron's Bowel Problem
- Balls To Monte
- Brick Pig
- Gunn And Fames
Down To The Atom:
- Aaron's Bowel Problem
- Duboce Triangle (winner)
- Frankie Big Face
- The John Benjamin Band
Birds Of Our Own:
- Erin's Towel Goblin (winner)
- Gunn And Fames
Do The Math:
- Balls To Monte
- Suede On Ranch
Watch Your Face:
- Frankie Pig Face
- Milwaukee Youth Center Choir (winner)
Red Robot:
- The John Benjamin Band
- Milwaukee Youth Center Choir (winner)
Do It For Captain:
- John Benjamin Big Face
I Can See You:
Tracks For Future Practice:
- Duboce Triangle
A Thousand Swords:
- add (winner)
- Raised By Wolves
Been To China:
It's Invisible:
- Frankie Big Face
Listen Close:
- Breaker Breaker
- Frankie Big Face
Dad I'm Changing:
- Duboce Triangle
- Frankie Big Face
New Planet:
- The John Benjamin Band
120 MPH:
- Frankie Big Face
- Raised By Wolves
- The John Benjamin Band
Stronger Than:
- The John Benjamin Band
Yellow Lasers:
- Frankie Big Face
- MC Frontalot (winner)
- Ranch On Suede
- The John Benjamin Band
Run Free:
Black Hole:
- Frankie Big Face
- Narbotic
- Raised By Wolves (winner)
On A Line:
- Ranch On Suede
- Ranch On Suede
- The Shortcakes
Don't Dance:
- Gaylord, Ltd.
- Peator
Midnight Rendezvous:
- The Bessemer Process
Repair My Heart:
- Miss Mary Ellen (winner)
- Narbotic
Eternity Without You:
- The Shortcakes (winner)
- Gil Sans
Zero To Phantom:

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