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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Babes On Broadway (1941) & Athena (1954)

I watched some more old movies, which means you get the highlights...like it or not. :p

Babes On Broadway (1941)
If you like Mickey Rooney & Judy Garland movies, this is for you. It's a classic, and for a reason. Like most musicials, it's a light & fun movie. Even though it doesn't bring anything new to the format & uses a lot of clich├ęs, it uses them to near perfection.

Besides Mickey & Judy, I thought the best performance was from Ray McDonald. His dance numbers were really well done, and it's at least the second musicial I remember him playing one of Mickey Rooney's sidekicks. If you pay close attention while watching this, you'll see a brief uncredited appearance from a young Ava Gardner & Donna Reed. I couldn't find many of the song & dance numbers online unfortunately, but you can watch the trailer HERE.

How About You?
This is the only full routine I could find with Mickey & Judy in it.

Romance No.2 In G Major, Op.40
This unknown kid makes a short, but memorable appearance. After the quick piano solo you can stop watching, the rest is just various clips from the film randomly thrown together.

Athena (1954)
I often find it hard to get into a musicial if it's TOO goofy, and this is definately a goofy movie...but without the animated talking dogs. Jane Powell & Debbie Reynolds are both sex on a stick in this film. However their looks, dancing & AMAZING singing by Jane wasn't enough to hold my attention. Vic Damone plays a supporting role, and squeezes in a couple songs, but whenever the singing & dancing stops, I'm left wondering how anyone thought this story would make a good musical. Watch the trailer below to get an idea of the stupidity involved.

Since I couldn't find many clips from the movies above, I thought I'd throw in this clip of Mickey & Judy performing years later on the "Judy Garland Show".

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