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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Random Radness

- A friend of mine showed me a link to Mike Phirman's Bandcamp page a few days ago, and I decided I HAD to give him a quick mention. I suggest you take a little time to find out about him, and you can start by listening to the song below. I'll also throw one of his videos up on the "Music Videos" page today.

<a href="http://music.mikephirman.com/track/clear-the-floor">Clear the Floor by Mike Phirman</a>

- Hate having to deal with the drama of having a band? Well just build your own robotic band like Pat Metheny did. Read more HERE.

- I discovered a blog called "Cover Of The Month" while checking out some of Charlie McCarron's videos on YouTube. I thought it was an interesting idea.

- Christin Meador teamed up with my favorite Rocketboom producer/musician Leah D'Emilio to record "Stand Up Kinda Man".

- I don't care how stupid I would look...I want a set of Rain Drums.

- Ok I'll post a couple videos below & that'll be it for today. I also updated the "Songs Of The Day" & "Music Videos" pages today.

The Future Of Musical Instruments
Well I still think you're going to see a lot more banjo, accordion & uke trios in the future...

Coolest Room Ever
Nevermind about the Rain Drums....I want a room like this.

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