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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Random Radness 2

While doing Song Fight & Nur Ein reviews, sometimes I don't get to mention other things. It's time to catch up on a few things I've wanted to mention or shout out to.

1. Game Store Girl - Brent Black tweeted a link to this song, and I got hooked instantly. I checked out the rest of the album, and you should as well. Beefy is nerdtastic.

<a href="http://beefy.bandcamp.com/track/game-store-girl">Game Store Girl by Beefy</a>

2. Ice Storm - Rhod Durre (@rhod_durre) & Russ Rogers (@RockingJamboree) make up the group GodzPoodlz (@GodzPoodlz). Recently they uploaded a cover of a Travis Norris (@travisnorris) song to their BandCamp page. I found it to be extremely awesome.

<a href="http://godzpoodlz.bandcamp.com/track/ice-storm">Ice Storm by Godz Poodlz</a>

3. I found some edutainment that doesn't suck. Ever heard of AstroCappella? "AstroCappella is a marriage of astronomy and music, developed by astronomers and educators and professionally recorded by the rocking a cappella group The Chromatics." HERE's a link to my favorite song. You can find a download link for the MP3 in the left sidebar.

4. The other day I shared a site that could add cowbells & Christopher Walken to any MP3. Today I've got a link that shows you how to turn any song into a swing song. --> The Swinger <--

5. My pal Spencer (@spencersokol) tweeted a link to Sad Kermit the other day. It's been around awhile, but you'll lol at these kermit covers.

6. A new episode of "The Comedic Genius Of Martin & Lewis" was uploaded yesterday. It's probably my favorite episode yet. The gags are lol good, and Dean's singing was never better. Linda Darnell makes her 2nd appearance on the show in this episode. Enjoy Episode 69.

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  1. Thanks for including Godz Poodlz and "Ice Storm" in your Random Radness. To be fair, the recording of "Ice Storm" is ALL Rhod Durre. I just gave some feedback and encouraged him to finalize the mix and get it uploaded. But I'm proud to ride on the coattails of Rhod's "Awesomeness."