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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Nur Ein 5: Round 3 Review

It's time to share my favorite songs from round 3 of Nur Ein 5. Let's review what the challenge was this round:

Title: " '97 "
Non-optional Challenge: Bring a Guest
Who will win immunity this round & who will be eliminated? We'll have to wait to find out, but until then enjoy my favorite songs below.

My Favorites: (right click "Save As" on the artist to download their song)

Milo Dunderville (f/ Millie & Dave Dunderville) - I loved this entry. It's very catchy & easy to sing along with. The story was something I think most married guys can relate to. Even if they haven't killed their wife, I'm sure most have come close at times. The sax was amazing by the way.

Chris Cogott (f/ Jon Eric) - This was right up my alley. I like up tempo music with a shot of humor. That's one of the reasons I like Song Fu, the songs are generally more humor driven then Song Fight or Nur Ein.

Sid Denison and the Harpooners (f/ Wages, Fluffy, Caravan Harriet and more!) - This does a good job of getting a point across, and even if I don't agree with everything the song has to say it's extremely well done.
"I assume everyone knows that the Kyoto Protocol was initially adopted in 1997. I didn't bother spelling it out in the song." - Caravan Ray
I'm glad you mentioned that on the Song Fight Boards, because I knew that, but didn't make the connection while listening to the song.

Berkeley Social Scene (f/ Melvin & Frisbee) - Nice song everyone can relate to...or probably will once they're old enough. Well produced as usual, but not as catchy as some of the other songs this round.

Not Bad: (visit Nur Ein to download these songs)

Naked Philosophy (f/ Fluffy) - I really liked the idea for this song, and the hopeful ending after being mostly pessimistic was cool. However some of the music was a bit painful to listen to. I think this song could be great if it had some polish, but as it is it's just great in theory. *gives a very upright & proper round of applause*

Jon Eric (f/ King Arthur) - I loved this song, and it's a total nerd song. It's a shame it's not about a year, would have been one of my favorites if it met the challenge.

Boop Boop (f/Scott Loving, Joe Crow, Preston Spurlock, the Fools, Churchhill Downs & more!) - Cute little song that I enjoyed a lot. Ending in 97 seconds added some extra cool points, but the fact that the song didn't follow the topic kept it from being a favorite.

Andrew Reist made a video with his collab partners Maggie Kanuka & Fraser Stott.

Side Notes:
- I was a little disappointed that some people just said to hell with writing about 1997, and did their own thing.

- I thought it was a very solid round overall, and I'm getting excited to see how the 2nd half of the competition pans out.

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