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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Nur Ein 5: Round 2 Review

It's time to share my favorite songs from round 2 of Nur Ein 5. A couple participants didn't get a song finished this round, so only 1 person will be eliminated. Immunity is once again up for grabs, so there's still plenty at stake. Here's the round 2 challenge:

Title: "Spanish Lessons"
Non-optional Challenge: Accelerando
The new Nur Ein website has uploaded 98% of the songs from past competitions now. There's still some things that haven't been updated yet, but the important stuff is there now. Remember I'm NOT the person who runs the site or competition. That honor belongs to Niveous over on the Song Fight Boards.

My Favorites: (right click "Save As" on the artist to download their song)
Chris Cogott - I'm getting sick & tired of having Chris at the top of my reviews, but he keeps writing great songs. I loved the topic for a number a reasons, but mainly because I've known people having to go through similar situations. The song was well produced as usual, and the change of pace at the end works better then others this round.

Billy's Little Trip - Right from the start I didn't like the crassness of the lyrics, and I thought I'd dislike the song because of it. However...the damn thing was too catchy. Halfway through the song I no longer cared about the direction the lyrics took, because I was digging the music & flow of the song.

Berkeley Social Scene - I was ease dropping on a conversation about this song yesterday in the TMA chat room. So I already heard a couple opinions about this song before giving it a listen. In the end I think I agree with most of what was said. It was well produced, I loved the vocals, and the relaxing feel. The change of pace feels like it was thrown in at the end just to meet the requirement. Doesn't seem to belong or fit. Overall I loved the entry though.

Not Bad: (visit Nur Ein to download these songs)
Milo Dunderville - I enjoyed the song, but after the chorus, it just seemed predictable the rest of the way. Felt like it was missing something.

Sid Denison And The Harpooners - I didn't like the ending...at all. I did however enjoy a number of lines in the song. Some of which will be stuck in my head for awhile. I don't like the phrase "near miss"....but this was a "near hit".

DJ Ranger Den - This was a real change from what I'm used to hearing from Denise. I enjoyed it for the most part, buy lyrically it didn't grab me. I did like the way she used the change of pace in the song, and the performance was great. I've always loved Denise's piano playin', but she doesn't have to use it as a crutch apparently.

DJ Ranger Den
Denise Hudson made this video for her entry.

Andrew Reist once again made a video for his entry.

Side Notes:
- I was a bit disappointed this round. Only because I expected people to write about Arizona & the headlines about the new state law there.

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