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Friday, May 14, 2010

Nur Ein 5: Round 3 Results

Well the results for Round 3 are in, and Therman wins the final immunity for Round 4. He barely edged out Berkeley Social Scene by just 3 points. Rabid Garfunkel, The Real Sign & Naked Philosophy were all eliminated from the competition. Rabid Garfunkel failed to entered a song, and the other 2 were voted out by the judges. Round 4 is now underway, so let's take a look at the challenge:

Title: "'Not In This Lifetime"
Due Date: May 16th at 11:59PM (Eastern)
Non-optional Challenge: Use the sample

Here's a sample created by Frankie Big Face. All you need to do is use it in your song. (We've included three versions of the sample, just at varied speeds)

Nur Ein Loop 2 - 96 BPM.mp3

Nur Ein Loop 2 - 112 BPM.mp3

Nur Ein Loop 2 - 132 BPM.mp3

The sample can be altered by tempo, duration, pitch, or timbre as long as it retains enough of its original character to be recognizable. It does not need to be looped.
More cuts will be made in the next round, but immunity is no longer up for grabs. From now on everyone will have to earn their way through every round. The results of Round 3 are below:

Round 3 Results:
(A direct link to the MP3's of my favorite songs are provided.)

53 Therman
50 Berkeley Social Scene
42 Christopher Cogott
37 Jon Eric
36 Boop Boop
32 Sid Denison
31 Minty Handy
30 Billy's Little Trip
26 Who Fly
25 DJ Ranger Den
17 Naked Philosophy
11 The Real Sign

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Reminder: I have nothing to do with NUR EIN...I'm just a fan. Oh, and I updated ALL the pages of the blog today.

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