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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Nur Ein 5: Round 0 Review

Round 0 is basically an entry round. Instead of signing up for Nur Ein, you send in a song to fullfill a challenge. Then the best 25 get into the tournament (if there's more then 25). The challenge for round 0 was:

"Title: "Time to Panic"
Non-optional Challenge: Song must include audible counting"
I'm looking forward to following Nur Ein 5 because this is the first one I've been able to observe as it's happening. Unlike Song Fu & Song Fight, the public does NOT vote on these songs. Judges are selected from the Nur Ein & Song Fight community, and they decide who moves on. So I'm not telling you who I voted for today, just which songs I enjoyed listening to.

My Favorites: (right click "Save As" on the artist to download their song)
1. Chris Cogott - Fast, great production, and has a strong pop feel. Chris is right up there with Ross Durand as one of my favorite Song Fighters...this is just another example of why.

2. Berkeley Social Scene - Nothing bad to say about this gem...except...I didn't like the instrumental that started 1:55 into the song. Music overal was good, lyrics great & well produced.

3. Jon Eric - The word goofy comes to mind, but in a good way. It was entertaining, the screams made me laugh, and it was kinda catchy. Overall, great entry.

4. Milo Dunderville - A great song about a day I'm doing my best to avoid. Actually very fun to sing along with.

5. Billy's Little Trip - Another fun song to sing...nothing really to complain about here.

Not Bad: (visit Nur Ein to download these songs)
DJ Ranger Den - Loved the music, and liked the creepy feel the song gave me overall. At times it's hard to hear the vocals, and Denise already knows my issues with her lyrics.

The Real Sign - Vocals are a little hard to pick up sometimes, but it's a solid entry.

Minty Handy - Basically it's a "list" song, like "Internet People 2". Only this song is about unfortunate situations that might be unsettling. Not a bad idea, but there's really not much to the song. Not bad, just not great either.

Side Notes:
- Good luck to fellow TMA members DJ Ranger Den, Emperor Gum & Chris Cogott.

- Matt Brodeur & Bill Gliniecki had a good idea for a song, but it didn't really grab me. It did inspire me to listen to the Godz Poodlz song "Bomb Squad Girl" some more...that's a plus.

Song A Day #471
Jonathan Mann wrote this song for the challenge, but for some reason isn't 'in' the competition.

Time To Panic
Andrew Reist made a video for his entry.

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