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Saturday, April 17, 2010

New Follower

- I might have mentioned this once before, but Ross Durand wrote an entire album in just 1 month. That's not so shocking, a lot of people have tried it; but usually those albums suck. I really enjoyed his, and you can download it HERE. (Right Click "Save As")

- I recently checked out Josh Woodward's website, and you can download a lot of cool music that he released under 'creative commons'. When I said "a lot"...I meant well over 100 original songs can be found right HERE.

- I thought doing a series of Twitter interviews was a good idea awhile back...and now look. --> David Choi Interview

- As the blog title suggests...I got a new follower for the main page the other day. That make 5 for the home page *cue the Jefferson's theme song*, and 3 for the "Songs Of The Day" page. I think we can get double digits by 2011. :p

- I stumbled onto THIS website the other day, and probably wasted 20 minutes making images like the ones below.

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