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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Nur Ein 5: Round 1 Results

Before you get to the results, I need to make something clear. I AM NOT THE PERSON WHO RUNS "NUR EIN" or the website that hosts the contest. I may have worded things in the past that made that unclear. I only review Nur Ein, much like I do with Song Fight & Masters Of Song Fu. The man behind Nur Ein is Niveous, and he can be contacted over on the Song Fight Boards. I'm sure it'll be less confusing once the Nur Ein website is rebuilt, but until then I'll try to be a little more clear.

Well the results for Round 1 are in, and Boop Boop got the win. He recieved 96 points (105 possible) from the judges, and gets immunity for the next round. Unfortunately 4 cuts were made as well. Brodeur & Gliniecki, Emperor Gum (TMA member), Adam Adamant and Same Day Positive were all eliminated. Round 2 has already started, and the challenge is:

"Title: "Spanish Lessons"
Due Date: May 3rd at 12AM (Eastern)
Non-optional Challenge: Accelerando"
More cuts will be made in the next round, and immunity is once again at stake. The results of Round 1 are below:

Round 1 Results:
(A direct link to the MP3's of my favorite songs are provided.)
Boop Boop 96
Milo Dunderville 88
Chris Cogott 80 (TMA member)
Minty Handy 77
Jon Eric 72
Therman 70
Berkeley Social Scene 69
Billy's Little Trip 66
Sid Denison & the Harpooners 66
DJ Ranger Den 60 (TMA member)
Johnny Cashpoint 60
The Real Sign 57
Who Fly 48
Noah McLaughlin 44
Rabid Garfunkel 42
Hoglen & Wages 37
Naked Philosophy 34
Emperor Gum 33 (TMA member)
Adam Adamant 23
Brodeur & Gliniecki 17
Same Day Positive 16

Lunkhead, one of the members over at Song Fight, created a cool table that shows very clearly how past Nur Ein's have panned out. Definately worth a look, and you can see it HERE.

Round 1 Review
Round 0 Review & Results

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