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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

It Was A Good Day

- Good news people, my video "Pain For Laughs #23" was featured on Phun.org yesterday. I still hope it gets on Gorilla Mask as well, but Phun.org is a great website to kill a little time on. Just be warned it's NSFW.

- I also saw something on YouTube that made me very happy. I had a few e-mails from YouTube saying I had new subscribers. So I went to go thank my new subscribers by leaving a channel comment on their channels. Then I noticed that the first one was Lene of ScribbleTunes. I thought that was pretty cool since I've been following her work on YouTube for a long time now. So as I went to go say thank you I saw THIS in her channel comments.

I thought that was strange that people were talking about my blog on YouTube, so I went to the channel of the person who left the comment. THIS is what I found. So not only did someone I've been a fan of sub my channel, but she was pimping my blog as well. THAT'S SO COOL! She did a good job of it as well because that channel also ended up subscribing to my channel. To add more awesome to the situation, SdBjMacK is Scott & Ben MacKay, who are 2 people I've featured in my blog multiple times in the past.

Shagpile is another one of my new subscribers. I've featured him a few times as well. In all I had like 6 new subscribers in the last 4 days or so, and I'm grateful to them all.

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