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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Carolina Blues (1944)

I watched another musical on TCM yesterday, so I figured I'd give you my thoughts on it. This movie stars Kay Kyser with his band, and it's pretty bad. Kay & most of his band just annoys me with bad acting that's way too corny....and not a funny corny. I really only watched this because Ann Miller was in it, but she didn't have a great dance number in the film either. Victor Moore plays 4-5 characters....all of them annoying as well. Ish Kabibble is somewhat funny at times, and there's really only 1 clip from the entire film worth watching.

Mr. Beebe
Ann Miller opens this number with her singing...not her dancing (wtf was the director thinking). After that Harold Nicholas, of the famed Nicholas Brothers, takes over with some jaw dropping dance moves. There's a number of other dancers & singers that get to show their stuff in this big number; including The Four Step Brothers.

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