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Monday, November 21, 2016

Northern National Ripped Me Off (UPDATED)

So...I backed a Northern National Kickstarter project for $150.  The reward level was a cover song of my choice.  2 years after their self set deadline I still hadn't gotten my reward.  So I made a YouTube video about the situation.  The video showed all our correspondence over that 2 years, and it didn't show them in a good light at all.

When the video went public it didn't take Northern National 30 minutes to message me.  They apologized, and offered to get the song cover done within a week.  They also asked if I could possibly take down the video.  I agreed to take the video down, but after I got the cover.

Michael Wilson, who is no longer a member of the band, but was at the time of the Kickstarter project, messaged me as well.  If the band doesn't make things right, he offered to do what he could on his end to make it right.

Well, that same day they e-mailed me their cover of the song.  It wasn't a bad cover, and I'm glad they finally got it done.  I've removed the video as I said I would, but overall it still left a bad taste in my mouth.  After being neglected for 2 years & lied to multiple times...it's hard to feel thrilled about the outcome.  It took them less than a day to do something they promised me 2 years ago.  If not for the public shaming would I have ever gotten the cover?

The last message I sent them was this:

"Thank you for finishing the cover.  It was good to hear late or not.  I will have the video taken down within the next hour.  I can't say I support you guys anymore, but I'll gladly & honestly wish you luck in your future endeavors.  Hopefully you take future obligations to fans a bit more seriously, cause it's a good way to lose them."

If anyone wants to hear the cover they did for me...click here.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

After Hours