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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Song Fight Review: Better Than Before

(I fucked up the formatting of this review...but I'm too lazy to fix it. And I'm fine with that.)

Wow...it’s been awhile.  Matter a fact, I haven’t reviewed a single fight this year.  Here’s my list of excuses: new job, took a 2nd job, & Minecraft.  Ok...so maybe only 2 of those reasons are good excuses...but I’m back now.  It’ll take some time, but I do plan on reviewing all the fights I missed, all of the most recent Nur Ein, and of course SpinTunes 5.

Because I’m so behind (and I’m still stuck working 2 jobs), I will only be reviewing songs that have lyrics posted in the Song Fight Lyric Forum.  The last fight I reviewed over at Song Fight was titled "In Time Of Crisis", and my favorite entry was from Ross Durand who finished 2nd.  Billy And The Psychotics ended up taking the victory, and had a great song.

Better Than Before” is the fight that came next, and it's long been over. My favorite entry was from Caravan Ray, but it was Paco del Stinko who took the victory.  I'll leave my thoughts on this fight below.

Caravan Ray - I can't believe you used the phrase, "me love long time" in the song.  I enjoyed this so much that I just might.

Billy And The Psychotics - Wait a second...I think Billy accidentally sent his lyrics to Caravan Ray this round.  Not a huge fan of these lyrics, and I wasn't blown away with the vocals from Denise this time.  The music was pretty rockin', but I'd rather listen to a karaoke version.

Sockpuppet - Musically it was interesting, but lyrically it was depressing & failed to tell a compelling story.  The vocals didn't really help matters.

King Arthur - Too many vocal tracks, and it feels like it's missing something else.  Enjoyed the lyrics.

Paco del Stinko - You've been better...before.  It's not bad at all, but for me, nothing really stood out.

Infinity Point Buck - Well...it's a good thing there's a lyric forum.  Otherwise nobody would ever know what you wrote.  That mix is just horrible.  Personally I enjoy rap, but it's all about the lyrics with me.  ESPECIALLY with rap.  And yours just didn't cut it.

Micah Sommer - It's like a song physically materialized in front of you, then you picked it up, and threw it into a brick wall.  Everything feels like it's just randomly splattered throughout the track, with some awful vocals layered on top.

No Lyrics Posted:

Radio Show - Berkeley Social Scene - Ross Durand - Smashy Claw - sonofsupercar

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sign-Up For SpinTunes

For those of you who haven't been paying attention...SpinTunes #5 is starting soon. Very soon actually.  There is about 28 hours left for you to sign-up if you want to officially compete in the contest.  If you miss the sign-up deadline you can always follow along & shadow if you like.  All the sign-up information you need can be found on the official sign-up post I made over on the SpinTunes blog.

ALSO...Edric Haleen will be playing a live show on U-Stream before the first SpinTunes challenge is announced.  So if you want to hang out with some of the other SpinTuners before the first challenge is posted, the details of where & when are below:

Tuesday, June 19
8:00 P.M. (EDT)