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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Panama Hattie & Seven Days' Leave (1942)

This movie's story is held together by wire & duct tape. Not much too it, but it does include a few good musical numbers & funny moments. It stars Ann Sothern & Dan Dailey who are madly in love, and plan to be married. Before this can happen Ann's character needs to meet the daughter of Dan's character. The interaction & dialogue between these characters is so bad at times it's ridiculous. The comedic moments by Red Skelton, Rags Ragland & Ben Blue do a lot more to hold your attention between musical numbers. They play 3 sailors who are on the look out for spies, and who happen to be the best friends of Ann Southern.

The best moments in this film come from the guest stars or supporting cast. Virginia O'Brien performs a couple numbers with that frozen face of hers. The Berry Brothers are absolutely amazing in their dance routines & Lena Horne sings 2 numbers.

Berry Me Not
The Berry Brothers made my jaw hit the ground at the end of this routine.

The Sping
The Berry Brothers accompany Lena Horne during this number. Unfortunately the original audio was removed & replaced with crap. I have no idea why someone would rather hear this then LENA HORNE.

Fresh As A Daisy
Virginia O'Brien performing a Cole Porter song with Red Skelton, Rags Ragland & Ben Blue.

Seven Days' Leave (1942)
This is definately one of my favorite Lucille Ball movies. The writing & musical numbers during the first 15-20 minutes had me thinking it was going to be a stinker. But things got a lot better when Lucille Ball started playing hard to get with Victor Mature. Their chemistry was pretty good, and it shows why Lucille Ball became a HUGE comedy success down the road. Marcy McGuire was another reason the film got better after the first 15 minutes. The kid has spunk, and when she opens her mouth to sing you can't take your eyes off the TV.

The highlight number of the movie had to be "Tales From The Vienna Woods". It was played by Freddy Martin And His Orchestra & danced by Lynn, Royce & Vanya (don't know their last names). It's probably in my top 10 dance routines of all time. Not only is it full of laughs, but some of the tricks are flat out dangerous. Unfortunately I couldn't find any video to share from this movie, but you should definately watch it if you get the chance.

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