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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Nur Ein 5: Round 5 Results

The results are in for Round 5, and Minty Handy wins the round. The judges apparently agreed with most of my review, because I got the top 3 spots right. Really my rankings just about matched the final results. Unfortunately more cuts had to be made, and Billy's Little Trip, Jon Eric & Therman have all been eliminated. All 3 have provided some really good songs in this Nur Ein, but it's getting close to the end & more tough cuts will be made shortly. Round 6 is now underway, so let's take a look at the new challenge:

Title: "Headphones"
Due Date: May 30rd at 11:59PM (Eastern)
Non-optional Challenge: A Judicious Use of Silence
I'm not sure what to make of this challenge. My first thought was, "Why not have this earily in the competition when some of the less talented people were still involved?" That may be a bit mean, but more silence was needed in some of those songs. The results of Round 5 are below:

Round 5 Results:
(A direct link to the MP3's of my favorite songs are provided.)

31 - Minty Handy
29 - Milo Dunderville
25 - Chris Cogott - Boop Boop
24 - Berkeley Social Scene
20 - Billy's Little Trip
18 - Jon Eric
8 - Therman

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Reminder: I have nothing to do with NUR EIN...I'm just a fan.

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