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Friday, May 7, 2010

Random Shiz

I've neglected to mention some things recently that I want to take care of today. I don't have any Nur Ein or Song Fight reviews to post today, so it's a good opportunity to catch up a little.

1. I know I've mentioned the Brentalfloss CD a few times already. I got my copy last Friday & it's pretty amazing. My favorite tracks are "Tetris With Lyrics", "Corey", "Dr Mario With Lyrics" & of course "Good Example". It is about me after all, so I am a bit biased.

Some of the songs lose a little not having a video to back them up (like "Ducktales With Lyrics"), but they all sound amazing. Some of the tracks are also a bit short, so it's not like getting 20 regular full length songs. If you're a brentalfloss fan, it's a must buy to hear these songs redone. The new versions sound so much better then the YouTube originals. There's a lot of songs I would love to see on the CD that didn't make it, but I guess he has to save stuff for the next CD.

LOOK! I get mentioned on the inner sleeve!

2. Another videogame related CD I'd like to mention is "Super Mario Kart Album" by The OneUps. This is easily one of my favorite CD's ever. I've got a serious Mario Kart addiction, and now I find myself racing with the sound off, and this CD playing.

<a href="http://theoneups.bandcamp.com/track/vanilla-lake">Vanilla Lake by The OneUps</a>

3. Brian Gray recently signed up to TMA, and from what I've heard he's pretty awesome. You should definately listen to his song Pi-Day, then check out "Staff Meeting".

4. Maybe the most important news today is that TMA...is moving. Too Much Awesome will be combining with a new forum over at DFTBA. So the DFTBA & TMA communities are now one and the same. The new site is still being worked on, so it'll look a little rough around the edges still. I guess that means I have to change the links on this site from "TMA" to "DFTBA".

The reason for the move is posted HERE (blame ning). There are a couple negatives about the move. One obviously is the name change, another being the limitations the messageboard system allows for personal profiles. I see a lot more positives then negatives though. DFTBA & TMA have a lot in common, and combining with them will mean a bigger & hopefully stronger community. The tech support & cost are also important factors. I can't wait to see all my old friends over at the new site, and make a lot of new friends. (I'll update the sidebar in the near future.)

5. Fellow TMA member Jack Shenker recently produced his first pop song. It's pretty awesome.

<a href="http://jackshenker.bandcamp.com/album/turn-to-the-light">Turn To The Light by Jack Shenker</a>


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