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Monday, November 1, 2010

Song Fight Review: After Hours

The last challenge over at Song Fight was titled "Crashing Cars, Awarding Stars", and I predicted that Steve Durand would win. unexpected bowtie ended up taking the win by a landslide. Looks like a case of friend flooding, because I can't see that many level headed individuals picking that song. Of course this IS the internet...and most of us aren't level headed. There's a whole new batch of songs over at Song Fight, so I suggest you go pick your favorite songs for the current round. My picks are listed below.

Voted For:
(Right Click "Save As" on the artist's name for a MP3 of their entry.)

Ross Durand - I'm only halfway through the songs at this point, but so far you could have farted into the mic & got my vote. I'm glad you went this route though. A sweet & simple song about a man longing for a girl working the late shift at a local diner. It's a setting you see all the time on film, and it's a situation I find easy to imagine myself in.

Sober - Whenever you try to hold a note it annoys me. I don't know if it's just your voice or if you're trying to sing with an accent not natural to you. There were a couple places the lyrics didn't seem to flow well, but overall I enjoyed your entry. Something I could listen to after a hard days work at the bar.

(Head over to Song Fight to listen to these songs.)

BlooTattue - This song doesn't do anything for me, but your performance makes me look forward to your future entries. I like the piano as well...the lyrics just couldn't hold my attention for such a slow song.

Berkeley Social Scene - Your vocals get lost in the music. I enjoyed the music, but the story & lyrics are always my main focus. When I can make out the lyrics, I'm not sure I like the vocal performance...especially the last 30 seconds.

Oddments - First off...I had to crank the volume WAY up just to here the music & what I'm guessing is singing. The pizza faced kid working the late shift at taco bell sounds clearer over the drive through speaker than you do in this recording. It's a shame because I think I like the music. You might even be able to sing/perform...I just can't say one way or another with this shit recording. I'm not even going to mention the lyrics, because nobody in their right mind is going to pay attention to them with this recording anyways.

Sockpuppet - As I listened I was about to do a facepalm, but then I laughed at the last line. It's stupid, but it got a reaction from me...which is more than some who entered a real song were able to do.

Shorty And The Shetlands - This song does not justify 4 minutes. It feels long & it's repetitive. Cut it down or add something that mixes it up a little. The whole thing sounds the same, and does nothing to hold the listeners interest that long. From what I can hear you have the tools to play & sing pretty well...just be more creative.

Hate Noise - I don't think you hate noise at all, I think you hate music.

Side Notes:
Last week was pretty weak...this week was a little better. Honestly I expected more though. I really thought it was a good prompt this time, but I guess you can never tell what will happen no matter the prompt.

Hostess Mostess - Next time, finish your song by the deadline, because this was one of my favorites this Fight. Loved the music, but at times didn't care for the vocals. It still would have got a vote from me. For the first 35 seconds or so I was just "meh" about it, but then the funk came in...very cool sound.

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