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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Meet The Baron (1933)

I've been watching TV...now you must suffer through my random thoughts & opinions.

2 bumbling fools (Jack Pearl & Jimmy Durante) get lost in a jungle & happen to stumble across the famous explorer Baron Munchausen, who the public fears is also lost. When the supply of water gets low, the Baron decides to ditch the fools & save himself. Fortunately for the halfwits a search party looking for the Baron finds them, and they assume Jack Pearl is the Baron. To save themselves Jack & Jimmy play along, and are treated as heroes upon their return home. Most of this movie is involves Jack & Jimmy humorously pretending to be the Baron & his manager.

For me the coolest part of the movie was seeing the Three Stooges with Ted Healy. Most people know the stooges, but most people don't remember Ted, who all 4 of the main stooges (Moe, Shemp, Larry & Curly) worked for at some point.

Overall the movie wasn't a terrible, but unless you're a Three Stooges fan I'd probably avoid it. It was a short film (about 70 minutes), so it doesn't take long to watch if you decide to give it a shot. You can also find the entire movie on YouTube...even if the audio is a little off.

Clean As A Whistle
The comedy was better than the 3 musical numbers in the film. This is the best of the bunch, and only because of the girls.

Radio Interview
This is the beginning of one of the funniest bits in the film. Jack Pearl pretending to be the Baron Munchausen during a radio interview. You can watch the rest of this clip by starting the above video from the beginning.

Fun Facts:
- Healy's was the first caricature drawn by Alex Gard to grace the walls of Sardi's, a legendary restaurant located in the New York City theater district.

- Shemp was technically the 2nd stooge of The Three Stooges...joining Healy's act in 1923. Larry Fine didn't come along until 1925, and Moe of course was the first.

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