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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Fallout 3 Is Nutz!

Zoron, from ClipCritics, sings a diddy about Fallout 3.

DaveyDanceBlog #64
This is a clip of all your favorite College Humor personalities busting a move. This was done during this years 'All Nighter' marathon.

Kanye West Gay Fish Drawing
The only time I'll post a Kanye video is when we're joking at his expense.

Sing For Your Beef!
Shay Carl is pimping out A1. That's not important, but you can win free steaks by singing a song if you enter a contest A1 is holding. CLICK HERE FOR Details

I'm Too Bold
This is a pretty good song by rehdogg. Honestly I had to read some of the lyrics from the video description to understand them all, but I got into the song while doing that.

Lama Boy
I saw this on POPTUB the other day. Originally I watched POPTUB because of Maria Sansone...however it's become a great source for me.

Love Lost
Even if you don't like lyrical dance, you should try watching this routine. Ashley Gonzalez & Scott Myrick do an incredible job with Shannon Mather's choreography.

Best Of The Rest:

1. YouTubers 'hiphopRINROX' cover a Beyonce song. CLICK HERE FOR Hello

2. Derek Cate uploaded an original song yesterday. CLICK HERE FOR See Me Through

3. Skip the first 1:10 of this video to get to a pretty good Esmee Denters cover. CLICK HERE FOR Outta Here

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