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Friday, June 12, 2009

Arlington: The Rap

Spintown News:
This is a pretty good post for a Friday, I'm giving myself props so you don't have to. If you really feel the need to, go right ahead though. :p

Arlington: The Rap
I love the sense of humor that YouTuber 'GoRemy' uses in his music videos.

Here's a really cool stop motion music video made from post-its.

This is a great VideoSong from Jack Conte.

I'm On A Boat A Cappella
Acquire A Cappella from UC Santa Cruz sings an a cappella cover of the Lonely Island's "I'm On A Boat".
Arrangement: Matt Forman & Geoff Trautman
Soloists: Mitch Allen, Matt Forman & Anya

This is the official Japanese music video for this Marie Digby song.

Stupid Mario Brothers Theme Song
I've been watching these guys for awhile, it's about time they got themselves a theme song.

You're All Right, Isaac Newton
I'm going to have to play this video the next time I sub for a highschool math class.

Best Of The Rest:

1. Here's the latest dance video from kyaaakya. CLICK HERE FOR HaHaHa

2. I generally don't like group dance routines as much as individual performances or duets. However this routine is definately blog-worthy. CLICK HERE FOR I Surrender

3. YouTuber 'fanprograms' has a little fun with his dog & robot band. CLICK HERE FOR Rock-afire Explosion

4. Here's the latest cover from Airto on YouTube. CLICK HERE FOR Best I Ever Had

5. I saw some middleschool kid do a similar parody about a year ago. CLICK HERE FOR Where The Hell Is Shut-in Matt?

6. Here's the first single from YouTuber 'AnelicaV1'. CLICK HERE FOR Boys & Girls

7. YouTuber 'nerimon' had a fight with his girl, so he sang a song for her. I'm thinking someone is whipped. CLICK HERE FOR Less Fighting, More Loving

8. Derek Cate isn't my favorite YouTuber, but he's the only country singer I subscribe to so he must be pretty good. CLICK HERE FOR Best Friend

9. I'm so out of touch with popular music & MTV type stuff. I've never heard of Pixie Lott or this song. I know who Rebecca Shearing is though, and I suggest you get to know her. CLICK HERE FOR Mama Do

10. Kris Mark & friends get together and pretend to be *NSYNC. CLICK HERE FOR It's Gonna Be Me

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