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Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Climb

This collab from ahmirTV & David Sides makes the 207th cover of this Miley Cyrus song that I've featured or linked to.....and yes all 207 were better then the original Miley version.

Press Hop
This is a funny remix of Iverson, Mora, Green, Namath, Gundy & T.O. by Steve Porter.

The Boogie Woogie Kid
Matthew Ball is my favorite piano playin' YouTuber, and he recently did a TV interview & performance. This first video is the interview, and the next is the video.

You Chose To Be A Dick
If you read yesterday's blog you know that 1 of my Song Fu votes went to Steve Chatterton. Little did I know he had a YouTube account, and a video posted for his Song Fu entry.

Balloon Man
Skip Banks does a funny dance as a giant balloon. The video starts off slow, but give it a chance.

Harry Potter The Musical
This is only Act 1 Part 1, but if you're a Harry Potter fan you can go to this YouTube channel and watch the rest.

Best Of The Rest:

1. Here's another song from Power & White. I think this is the third video of theirs, in the last week, that I've mentioned. CLICK HERE FOR Greenstone Waters

2. David Choi decided to do one of my least favorite Michael Jackson songs. CLICK HERE FOR Ben

3. Here's yesterday's song from Jonathan Mann. CLICK HERE FOR The Rose Of Hillside

4. YouTuber 'ArshaAsteraki' took on a more serious topic then he usually does for his most recent rap. CLICK HERE FOR What Hell's About

5. I was going to feature this video, but embedding was disabled for it. CLICK HERE FOR Single Ladies Gone Wrong

6. Why stop at 207 covers? Here's the 208th cover of this song by YouTuber 'AngelicaV1'. CLICK HERE FOR The Climb

7. YouTuber 'ew1282' teams up with a very hot Caroline Brooks to cover this Linkin Park song. CLICK HERE FOR Shadow Of The Day

8. brentalfloss uploaded a new video yesterday, and I almost missed it. CLICK HERE FOR Nobody Does It Better

9. 'The Hood Internet' decided to mix Usher with Keyboard Cat. CLICK HERE FOR Play Him Off, In This Club

10. It's a pop & lock drizzle. CLICK HERE FOR Thunderstorm

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