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Monday, June 22, 2009

Hey Father

Spintown News:
There's a couple things going on worth mentioning today. First I think I've talked Jonathan Mann into competing in Song Fu 5 whenever that starts. He's another talented song writer that has previosly competed in SongFight.org which is something I plan on looking into. I'll probably start following it, much like I do Song Fu.

Another thing I wanted to bring up is that Steve sent me about 40 seconds of animation for my next video. Looks good, but a couple small changes might need to be made. It's going slowly, but he's doing good work thus far.

Lastly, I've got all the music I need for the next 2 Pain For Laughs videos. The rest is up to me, I started looking for material today, but honestly I can't say exactly how long it'll take me to get finished. I'll try to get a little done each weekend, for a few weeks. Once I feel like I've got enough new material I'll probably spend an entire weekend making just 1 of them. They're relatively simple to make, but more time consuming then you might think. Especially since I'm working on a couple other side projects, one of which I haven't told anyone about yet.

Hey Father
Because it's Father's Day, I'll lead off with this Gabe Bondoc song. Personally Father's Day is depressing since my dad passed away some years ago, but I'm thankful I had a great dad when so many have not.

Fannie Mae
I think they should have just left New Orleans underwater, and said to heck with it. But I'm glad Grandpa Elliott is still making great music, he should just move to Ohio. :p

Bucket Drummer
Here's the latest street drummer to go viral.

It would be so cool if Moon got on the next season of "So You Think You Can Dance" since Pacman is currently on it. By the way I hope you're voting for Pacman each week.

Best Of The Rest:

I Can Haz No Extraz Today :(

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