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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Painful New Song

Lena Gabrielle (butterbeerwrocks on YouTube) wrote this song for me to use in a Pain For Laughs video that I'll be making this summer. Go subscribe to her channel, because this chick rocks.

I saw Weird Al Yankovic tweet about this video right after I posted yesterday's blog.

Run Or Die
This Matt Rach video is the first video I've featured this year that includes a banjo. Lets hope it's not the last.

Happy Father's Day
The Perry Brothers sing a special song for their dad.

Playgrounds And Kisses
Here's a new original song from Ana Free.

Autumn Story
This is a awesome music video from the Firekites, co-directed by Yanni Kronenberg & Lucinda Schreiber. I don't think I've seen chalk animation like this before?

1st Goodbye
Jeanine & Alexis Mason do a great lyrical duet together, and if they look familiar it's probably because Jeanine is currently dancing on "So You Think You Can Dance". She made the top 20, and is doing great thus far.

Best Of The Rest:

1. I saw the Nerdist tweet a link to this on Twitter yesterday. The song is by Das Racist remixed by @wallpapermusic. CLICK HERE FOR Pizza Hut/Taco Bell

2. Here's a Kina Grannis original song. CLICK HERE FOR Missing You

3. YouTuber 'Rafem' tried to win a cube shaped car with this song. CLICK HERE FOR Song About The Cube

4. Baman Piderman should become the next web sensation. CLICK HERE FOR Make Da Band

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