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Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Spintown News:
The songs from Round 3 of Song Fu 4 are now available, and you can vote on your favorites HERE! My top 5 songs are listed in the BOTR section, along with a few others that I enjoyed this round. Keep in mind that just because I don't link to your song, it doesn't mean that I think you're material is bad. I've had a few people assume that at times, but it just means that I liked other songs more that particular round. There have been songs I didn't like, and I've mentioned some of them in this blog. If I don't call you out, don't assume you know what I think of your music. I appreciate the talent of all the participants, and wish everyone luck.

John Pascuzzi plays an electronic-ish, rock-ish type groove played on an "igil". The igil is a folk instrument from the country of Tuva, traditionally played acoustically and used to accompany Throat Singing. There's only a single thread on this instrument.

Pole Dancer
'UsLaGirl' is probably the hottest chick on YouTube. This dance was originally danced to "Change" by the Deftones, but the audio was disabled due to copyright issues.

Never Say Never
Kina Grannis takes on a song from The Fray.

Use Somebody
YouTuber 'singindork888' takes on a Kings Of Leon song.

Best Of The Rest:

1. This was easily my #1 pick for the round. If only real acceptance speeches were this entertaining. CLICK HERE FOR Acceptance by Edric Haleen.

2. In the song they wonder if anyone will miss them, I for one will if they don't enter the next tournament. CLICK HERE FOR Swan Song by His Name Is Legs.

3. I waited for the obvious joke about male stamina, and they finally touched on that near the end of the song. CLICK HERE FOR Minuteman by Gorbzilla.

4. I was shocked at how much I enjoyed this lullaby. CLICK HERE FOR Song by Darrell Maclaine.

5. After reading the title of this song, I was so glad it went in a totally different direction then I had imagined. CLICK HERE FOR You Chose To Be A Dick by Steve Chatterton.

6. This almost made my top 5, the more I listened to it the more I liked it. If I would have waited until Thursday to vote, maybe it would have made it. CLICK HERE FOR Bomb Squad Girl by Godz Poodlz.

7. Reverse psychology never works on me, but I ended up singing along this time. CLICK HERE FOR Don't Sing Along by Caleb Lee.

8. I thought this was a little funny. A little mean as well, which is why it dropped from my top 5. CLICK HERE FOR Inside Jokes by Berg & Jerry.

9. I liked this routine by a trio of 14 year olds. CLICK HERE FOR Keep Breathing

10. YouTuber 'Katers17' made a silly music video yesterday. CLICK HERE FOR The Beard Song

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