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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Total Eclipse Of The Heart: Literal Video Version

Spintown News:
The voting for Round 1 of Song Fu 4 is now over, and apparently my picks weren't exactly in line with the majority of voters. I only had 2 of my top 5 crack the top 10. However nobody really ran away with the first round, the votes were extremely spread out. Here are the top 10 vote geters for Round 1:

1. Berg & Jerry - "The Green Potato Chip Song" (163 Votes)
2. The Perfect Place - "If I've Learned Anything" (159 Votes)
3. Caleb Lee - "How Man Years Bad Luck If You Break A Mirror's Heart" (123 Votes)
4. Tom Milsom - "The Raincoat's Lament" (121 Votes)
5. Jarrett Heather - "Trapped Inside Your Sofa" (106 Votes)
6. Ian & Melissa - "I Remember" (103 Votes)
7. Sara Parsons - "Throw Me Away" (86 Votes)
8. Edric Haleen - "All For this Moment" (80 Votes)
9. Gorbzilla - "I Am Your Pants" (78 Votes)
10. Godz Poodlz - "Bad Penny" (77 Votes)

It might have been the closest round in Song Fu history since only 4 votes separated 1st from 2nd. The people I voted for that didn't make the top 10 are below:
11. Lex Vader - "Just A Rock" (69 Votes)
17. AudioMohel - "Hubcap Without A Home" (45 Votes)
19. Denise Hudson - "Leave The Stone Alone, Yep" (38 Votes)

Aside from the first round being over the second round has just begun. The new challenge has been revealed:

Write a march. A march is “a piece of music with a strong regular rhythm which in origin was expressly written for marching to” - and that is your challenge. You can write on any topic. Your song must run no shorter than 1 minute 15 seconds.
CLICK HERE for more details on Round 1 & 2.

Total Eclipse Of The Heart: Literal Video Version
I think they need to make an 'MTV 7' just for all the Literal Videos created over the past couple years.

Outer Space
Venetian Princess did a "Poker Face" parody.

Chris & Ash make up theshures, and they do a heck of a job with this Jason Mraz & Colbie Calliat song.

Billy The Kitt
I love these silly music videos from 'rathergoodstuff'.

I"m On A Couch
I saw 2 different "I'm On A Boat" parody videos on POPTUB today, so I decided to post both of them.

To watch these videos on YouTube Doubler CLICK HERE.

°C-ute - Ookina Ai De Motenashite
Spintown's favorite female dancer 'kyaaakya' made a new video yesterday.

Sasquatch 2009 Dancing Man Party
This guy starts a dance party all by himself. CLICK HERE for another video of the same guy.

Best Of The Rest:

1. I had no idea that there were sound recordings made 20 years before Edison invented the phonograph? CLICK HERE FOR Music History

2. Who you got? Man in robot suit or animated robot? CLICK HERE FOR Robot Dance Wars!

3. ScribbleTunes does a Jack Johnson cover. CLICK HERE FOR Inaudible Melodies

4. Funny little bit from YouTuber 'blamesocietyfilms'. CLICK HERE FOR Play Him Off Keyboard Chad

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