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Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Ysabella Brave posted a new song for the first time in what seems like forever. Normally I'm excited just to see new videos from YouTubers I like, but even more so for her. She's had a run of really bad luck, and is truely a great person. So I'm very happy to see that she's healthy more so then anything. A new video is just a bonus, and one worth featuring in the top spot.

Oh No
Abby Simons (songsfromahat) wrote a musical with Nathan Kersey-Wilson. This is a short clip from a recent performance. Hopefully we'll get to see the whole thing eventually. Looks like it'll be very cute & funny.

Super Marioland Theme
Even popular YouTuber David Choi knows that you can never go wrong by covering a song from a Mario game.

Midnight Angel
Here's a new original song by singindork888.

A Beautiful Way To Live
Jonathan Mann had a little help with todays song. Elsa Bailey actually wrote the lyrics this time.

This is a cool video featuring B-boy Free dancing up a storm. The chick in the video is Linda Chea.

Mister Raisintoast
This is labeled as being episode 1, so I'm assuming that Parry Gripp will be making more videos featuring Mister Raisintoast.

Best Of The Rest:

1. Boogiewoogiekid is my favorite piano player on YouTube. CLICK HERE FOR Bumble Bee Boogie

2. This is the best original song YouTuber kataandtheblaze has posted yet. I'm not saying that because she wears a bikini in the video either....well not entirely at least. CLICK HERE FOR Waves

3. Two Blokes, Two Ukes get a little help with their most recent cover. CLICK HERE FOR I Will Survive

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