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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I'm Your Moon (ASL Song)

Spintown News:
By the time I got off work YouTube was undergoing maintenance so I couldn't view today's uploads. But I had some videos in my back pocket for a rainy day. Wednesday I'll get caught up on the more recent videos. I know my Britain's Got Talent picks are late, but they're in the BOTR section below.

I'm Your Moon (ASL Song)
CaptainValor once again covers a Jonathan Coulton song.

It's been awhile since I found a new Muppet mashup worth your while.

Dance Off USF vs Uconn
I wasn't going to feature this, because the dancing isn't that great. However it's really popular, and it's really rare that a managers allow baseball players to goof around like this during a rain delay. Basically I'm giving in to peer pressure. :p

It All Makes Sense At The End
Even though Lex Vader didn't participate officially in Song Fu 3, it didn't stop him from attempting some of the challenges.

On Fire
JJ Grey & Mofro know how to make a music video on the cheap. It's directed by Spookie Daly.

Chantal Nightengale
I know most of you would much rather watch a pole dance video, but I thought this was a wonderful lyrical solo for a 14 year old.

(Is This The Way To) Amarillo
I love this song, so of course I'm featuring any ukulele cover I come across. This one is by Two Blokes, Two Ukes.

Best Of The Rest:

1. She doesn't seem like the same person who first appeared on the show. Looks like the pressure really got to her. CLICK HERE FOR Susan Boyle

2. Not bad, but I see better on just about every episode of So You Think You Can Dance. CLICK HERE FOR Diversity

3. As I was looking up how to spell ventriloquist I saw a book called, "Ventriloquist For Dummies". LOL CLICK HERE FOR Gareth Oliver

4. I give the guy props for trying, but you can't take up break dancing when you're in your 70's. CLICK HERE FOR Fred Bowers

5. I just enjoy watching this father & son because they seem to have so much fun together. CLICK HERE FOR Stavros Flatley: Greek Dancers

6. Here's another song from Lex Vader. CLICK HERE FOR Not A Happy Song

7. Jonathan Mann does a good job of hitting on current news with his music. CLICK HERE FOR A Letter To The Killer Of George Tiller

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