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Monday, June 15, 2009

Hammer Pants Dance

Nothing cool like this ever happens to me when I go shopping.

Bananaphone Lil' Jon Mash Up
I'm posting this for a co-worker. We play Raffie music for the kids at work once in awhile.

Honest Graduation Song
I've had a similar experience with people from highschool.

The Lullaby
I liked this original song from Chris Cendana.

Summer Nights
Grease + Lego Stop Motion Animation = Awesome

Cup Game
Has anyone ever played this game? Looks like something a bunch of 3-4th grade girls would do during lunch.

Paul & Storm (Live)
Mike Lombardo went to see a Paul & Storm concert. Lucky for us he recorded the whole thing, and has been uploading videos to YouTube. This is the first of 9 videos from the show. (Opening Band, Count To Ten & Mother's Day Song)

Best Of The Rest:

1. Paul & Storm clip #2. CLICK HERE FOR Nugget Man, Rejected Commerical Jingles, Cows

2. Paul & Storm clip #3. CLICK HERE FOR More Jingles, More Cows, Nun Fight

3. Paul & Storm clip #4. CLICK HERE FOR Cruel, Cruel Moon, Better Version Of You

4. Paul & Storm clip #5. CLICK HERE FOR Strip Club Daddy, Ten-Finger Johnny

5. Paul & Storm clip #6. CLICK HERE FOR The Improv Bit, Find The Words

6. Paul & Storm clip #7. CLICK HERE FOR Suppositions, The Captain's Wife's Lament Part 1

7. That's all for Paul & Storm tonight. Hopefully Mike will have the rest of the show uploaded for Tuesday. Until then why don't you take up beatboxing. CLICK HERE FOR Beatboxing For Dummies

8. Here's another original song from Derek Cate. CLICK HERE FOR Notice Me

9. This is an old Jim Carrey bit, but I hadn't seen it in a long time, and I happened to stumble upon it today. CLICK HERE FOR Ice Ice Baby

10. This is stupid, but Aquaman was always one of my favorite superheroes. CLICK HERE FOR Aquaman Dance

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