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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Michael Jackson Is Dead

Spintown News:
A lot more videos have came out about Michael Jackson. People are singing covers as tributes, vlogging about how he should be remembered, and even a few new songs have been written about him. Yesterday I featured a few MJ videos, but today that's all I'm going to feature or link to. R.I.P. Michael.

Michael Jackson Is Dead
Jon Lajoie calls out the media like only he can.

I Used To Worship Michael Jackson
Jonathan Mann makes a touching tribute video to MJ.

Man In The Mirror
Gabe Bondoc covers one of my favorite MJ songs.

On The Line
The Michael Jackson YouTube channel recently uploaded a lot of songs to the account. Links to other songs will be in the BOTR section.

Best Of The Rest:

1. AJ Rafael made this video in memory of Michael. CLICK HERE FOR Michael Jackson Medley

2. A popular YouTuber gives us a different way to view some of Michael's actions. CLICK HERE FOR Kevin Jumba

3. Here's another view point from another popular YouTuber. You'll have to skip a few minutes into the video. CLICK HERE FOR Shay Carl

4. Jessica Sanchez sings to remember MJ. CLICK HERE FOR Ben

5. Dot also sings to remember MJ. CLICK HERE FOR Ben

6. Jenny Suk & Lynna Choi sing for MJ. CLICK HERE FOR You Are Not Alone

7. Even people who shouldn't sing in front of people are singing for MJ. CLICK HERE FOR Man In The Mirror

8. These songs are the ones recently uploaded to the Michael Jackson YouTube channel. Just click on the song you want to hear. One More Chance, Blood On The Dance Floor, Beautiful Girl, Earth Song, We Are Here To Change The World, We've Had Enough, The Love You Save, Rockin Robin & Beat It (Remix featuring Fergie).

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