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Monday, June 1, 2009

Code Monkey Doubler

I decided to use YouTube Doubler again today so that you could watch the Code Monkey Fan Montage next to the original dance video.

To watch these videos at YouTube Doubler CLICK HERE.

Ze Frank HardTime: Illusion
Trust me, it may not look like this video belongs here, but just watch it.

Talented Coffee Cup Drummer
You see some people find constructive things to do while waiting in line at Starbucks. This guy learned a new skill.

Metallica isn't as annoying when they're animated with LEGO's.

Those Three Words
This is a pretty cool original song from YouTuber 'tsud123'.

Pop Waffle Vol. 27: Up Up And Away!
This is still the best way to get your entertainment news. Now if I could only convince FOXNEWS to do the same thing.

Dan's Piano Choir
Cool idea, but didn't turn out as well as I thought it would.

Best Of The Rest:

1. Want to know who has sold the most albums since January of 2000? CLICK HERE FOR The Top 20 Album Sellers Of The 2000s

2. YouTuber 'JeimusuJones' covers a good song. CLICK HERE FOR Second Chance

3. YouTuber 'DxDutch' covers Miley & does the Hoedown Throwdown. CLICK HERE FOR The Climb

4. Tommy Knox should do more covers of 3 Doors Down. CLICK HERE FOR When I'm Gone

5. Stop me if you've heard this one...two drums & a cymbal fall off a cliff. CLICK HERE FOR Joke

6. YouTuber 'nerimon' decided to answer some fan questions in the form of a song. CLICK HERE FOR Question Song

7. Peter Coffin is a strang man, and comes up with some strange ideas. CLICK HERE FOR Advice From Senior Citizens (AutoTuned)

8. If you read my Song Fu 4 Round 1 review, you know that 1 of my votes went to Lex Vader. Just so happens he made a video of himself reading the challenge & his song writing process. CLICK HERE FOR Behind The Fu "Just A Rock"

9. Two4OneMusic recently uploaded a new video. CLICK HERE FOR I Got A Feeling

10. This montage totally bites, until 1:18 into the video. CLICK HERE FOR SkateBang

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