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Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Fans Of Gabe Bondoc

Spintown News:
Today's blog post is a little different. Normally I feature popular YouTubers & popular viral videos that have to do with music or dance. Today I'm featuring the fans of 1 YouTuber...Gabe Bondoc. Gabe recently posted a video in which he sang the male part of "A Whole New World", and asked his fans to sing the female part. After going through 175 video responses looking for new talent to follow I decided to feature some of his fans. Not only will I be posting some of their video responses, and other videos from their pages, but a few even recorded brand new versions of "A Whole New World" at my request. I hope you enjoy this post, because I'd like to do more blogs like this, and I really hope Gabe appreciates the fans & the talent some of them displayed in response to his video.

PS: Sometimes YouTube Doubler can be a pain in the butt. So you might need to refresh the page or come back later if a video isn't working.

Kim Tran
Kim is still relatively unknown on YouTube (kimtraaan), but I'm guessing that could change if she keeps on singing. If you like her duet below I suggest you go subscribe to her channel HERE. Kim responded quickly when I contacted her about doing this, and she seems like a very nice girl. Keep in mind that I ran the video she sent me through 2 different applications that screwed the audio up a bit. Listening to her videos on her channel gives you a better idea of how incredibly talented this young lady is.

Make sure you follow the directions below or the videos will not be in sync. If you're reaction time is a little slow the videos may be a .5-1 sec off. So be QUICK, and hit the play button right as the #'s change.

To see these videos at YouTube Doubler CLICK HERE.

Sheila Pacariem
Sheila is just starting to grow a fan base on YouTube (mz8o8gurl), and now has over 2,000 subscribers. I'm hoping that number grows by at least a couple if you watch this duet. Sheila is used to singing duets, as it's something she does frequently on her YouTube channel. You can subscribe to her channel HERE, and see more of Kim & Sheila in the BOTR section below.

To see these videos at YouTube Doubler CLICK HERE.

This YouTuber decided not to sing at all. Instead he decided to make a mash-up video of Gabe & another YouTuber who is used to singing the male or female vocals...Nick Pitera.

Out of the 175+ video responses that Gabe got, most were young girls. (shocking I know) There were a few guys that posted responses though. Chris did a pretty good job considering he was singing the female part.

Don is another guy that decided to sing the female role with Gabe (not that there's anything wrong with that :p ), but I featured him for his creativity more so then his voice. Good work Don.

James Story
I had no plans to feature a video not related to Gabe today. I subscribed to Kim & Sheila though, and Kim posted this sweet video just the other day. I thought I'd show you yet another reason to go subscribe to her channel.

Best Of The Rest:

1. This is a link to Sheila's original response to Gabe's video. CLICK HERE FOR A Whole New World

2. This is a link to Kim's original response to Gabe's video. CLICK HERE FOR A Whole New World

3. YouTuber 'mnmdot' has a great voice, and said she was going to send me a video for today. However it didn't get here in time for me to include it. I sent her a message saying I'd gladly feature her video another day if she still got it too me late. Hopefully she comes through, because she can really sing. CLICK HERE FOR Dot

4. This is another YouTuber who didn't get their video to me in time. Hopefully she'll send it so I can feature her another day. CLICK HERE FOR CarisseIris

5. Here's the last of the YouTuber's who said they would send a video, but got side tracked. If all 3 of these YouTuber's send in their videos late, I'll do a PART 2 of this blog post. Let's keep our fingers crossed. CLICK HERE FOR babynadz

6. I tried contacting YouTuber 'mmmich', but had no luck. She must like Gabe though. She's been a YouTuber since 2005, and her video response was her first video. CLICK HERE FOR Michelle

7. Sheila Pacariem does a song that I think I've featured more times then Miley has said "Yall". CLICK HERE FOR The Climb

8. Kim Tran covers a One Republic song. CLICK HERE FOR Stop And Stare

9. Kim Tran covers an Alicia Keys song. CLICK HERE FOR No One

10. Sheila Pacariem does a Keyshia Cole song. CLICK HERE FOR I Remember

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  1. Thank you for featuring me on your website!
    That was really nice of you!
    Thanks again, I appreciate it :)

    -Sheila Pacariem [mz8o8gurl]