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Friday, May 8, 2009

Rhett & Link Live In Fairfield, Ohio

Spintown News:
No videos today. Sorry, my blogging time was cut short due to the fact that I saw Rhett & Link perform live in Fairfield, Ohio tonight. It was only about a 45 minute drive, and it was free...so I couldn't not go to the concert. It was a blast to hear my favorite R&L songs live. One great thing about the night was that it was a small audience. There were only about 75 people there in person, I don't know how many were watching online, but they did stream the video live. Anyways with a group that small they were able to talk to everyone, and they seemed like great guys. I didn't talk to them much, I already have some social anxiety issues, and I got nervous. I think I should get some geek points for that. I mean I probably got more nervous trying to talk to them then I would have if Jackie Chan or some other major Hollywood star walked in. If I ever meet ijustine I’d be lucky to utter a single word if tonight was any indication. I even accidentally called Rhett “Link” when I first asked for a picture. I obviously know who they are (just look at how many times I‘ve featured them here), but nerves got the best of me.

They put on 2 shows at a local church. Doors opened at 7:00, and they were mingling with the peeps. At 8:00 the first hour long show started. After a short break, they played another hour. I think 20 songs in total, and I might link to some of the ones they played later today. I wanted to buy a video camera & record the show, but unfortunately my car broke down the other day and I had to pick between fixing my car or getting a video camera. I was also going to ask to interview them very briefly, I even had a half dozen questions prepared. I’m sure they would have been nice enough to answer a few questions, but I didn’t know anyone there, I went alone, and after the show I just didn’t feel comfortable.

I’ll probably post more details later, but I’ve got to hit the sack now.

PS: I'm not drunk in the picture, even though I do look like a retard with a lazy eye for some reason.

Thank you Rhett & Link for coming to Fairfield!

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