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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

White As Rice

Spintown News:
I actually had more videos to post today, but I'm running short on time. Look for more videos in the Wednesday post.

White As Rice
Denny Blaze and Tom Vrab join up to form The White Rap Duo: The Blazin Krew.

First of May
Here's a Jonathan Coulton song performed in an unique way.

The Future Soon
Here's a Jonathan Coulton song sang acappella by the Spizzwinks.

Love Story (Oreo Cookies)
YouTuber 'JawKneeYeah' did a funny Taylor Swift parody.

Best Of The Rest:

1. It took awhile to finish shooting on the set of Wolverine do to some artistic differences between director & actor. CLICK HERE FOR Wolverine Musical

2. This video was featured by YouTubers 'sxephil' & 'POPTUB' on the same day. These YouTubers hate each other, but they found something they both liked. CLICK HERE FOR Fire Alarm Jam Session

3. Derek Wang, Charlie Liu & Anna Larsen perform in the YouTube Symphony Orchestra. CLICK HERE FOR Rachmaninoff

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