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Thursday, May 28, 2009

7 Things (ASL Song)

Spintown News:
I'm sorry my review of Song Fu 4 Round 1 is late. I forgot to put the CD I burned into my car before I left for work yesterday. So I just finished listening to everything in the car today. Anyways my review is in the BOTR section, with links to my favorite songs. To listen to all the songs, and vote on your favorites CLICK HERE!

In other news Brent Black sent me a demo for the song he's writting for me. He recorded the first 1/3 of the song, and wanted me to greenlight the rest of the song if I liked the demo. I LOVED the demo so hopefully in the not too distant future the entire song will be recorded. I'm talking with a couple animators who might be willing to animate the entire song for YouTube as well. I've got someone I'd really like to hire in mind, but I'm waiting on him to respond via e-mail at the moment. The big problem is I can't afford to pay much, so we'll see what happens.

7 Things (ASL Song)
These ASL songs rock, but why pick a Miley Cyrus song to cover?

NYPD Studio Demo
I feel a little less dirty after watching this, then the typical pole dance video that I post.

Outta Here
Olivia Thai does an Esmee Denters cover.

Butter Poo
I think I'll be laying off the butter for awhile...

Nuki Nuki
Here's the latest Gummy Bear song.

I Can't Tell You Why
Ana Free covers The Eagles in her latest video.

Give it up for the The Nortorious P.I.G. featuring Lady N1 & Lil Boobonik.

Best Of The Rest:

Here's a reminder of what the Challenge was for Round 1 of Song Fu this time:

Write a song from the perspective of an inanimate object. This inanimate object must have no moving parts. Also no computers, no objects that look like living things, either human or animal (i.e. a statue, an action figure, etc.), and no celestial objects (i.e. the sun or the moon). Your song can be in any style you choose.

That’s it. The only other directive is that your song must run no shorter than 1 minute 45 seconds.

I was really disappointed that Molly Lewis didn't get a chance to submit a song for the first round of the competition. On the bright side a lot of the new competitors turned out to have talent. There wasn't much that stood out to me as being a great song, but almost all of them were entertaining. It seemed like most of the songs had something about them I really liked. Whether it was a good story, creative lyrics or just a good tune. Like I said though, few put it all those elements together in my opinion. Here's my top 10 picks from Round 1, for whatever it's worth:

1. Jarrett Heather - Trapped Inside Your Sofa

2. Caleb Lee - How Man Years Bad Luck If You Break A Mirror's Heart

3. AudioMohel - Hubcap Without A Home

4. Denise Hudson - Leave The Stone Alone, Yep

5. Lex Vader - Just A Rock

6. Edric Haleen - All For This Moment

7. "Buckethat" Bobby Matheson - Noose

8. Jeremy Pierson - Your Welcome Mat

9. Sara Parsons - Throw Me Away

10. Tom Milsom - The Raincoat's Lament

Well that's my top 10. If I was to sit here & think about it a little longer I might switch a few around, but these were definately my favorites for the round. There were a couple songs I'd like to make honorable mentions, because I really enjoyed them as well. Mike Lombardo - Rock Song & Andrew Thomson - Someplace 2 Land: Bush's Flight Suit's Lament

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