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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My Everything

Spintown News:
My live Jonathan Coulton DVD came in the mail yesterday. I just finished watching myself do the code monkey dance with other YouTubers on the DVD...how freakin' sweet is that?!

Brent Black (brentalfloss) sent me the first complete draft of lyrics yesterday as well. So progress is being made with that project. I should be getting a couple more songs from YouTubers this month for Pain For Laughs videos. Going to be very busy in the near future editing...

My Everything
This is the official music video for this Randolph Permejo song. Cathy Nguyen is his duet partner in the video.

I thought this was a cool music video from Grand Rose Band. It's also a pretty good song.

Get Happy
Here's a VideoSong from Jack Conte that I forgot to post. There's another VideoSong in the BOTR section as well.

Jam Wow
Here's another Sham Wow remix.

I Miss You
Here's an original song from YouTuber 'tsud123'.

Learning To Fly
YouTuber 'JeimusuJones' sent me an e-mail yesterday saying he should have a MP3 for Spintown very soon. It'll be used in a 'Pain For Laughs' video. Until then here's his latest original song.

Miss Poledance Australia 2006
2006 was a good year for poledancing...

Best Of The Rest:

1. Here's the other Jack Conte VideoSong I mentioned above. CLICK HERE FOR Out Of Nowhere

2. Here's another video of that street performer I featured yesterday. CLICK HERE FOR Step On My Trip

3. Here's another video from YouTuber 'TheGentleSurprise'. CLICK HERE FOR Couldn't Get It Right

4. Here's the latest cover from YouTubers 'Two4One'. CLICK HERE FOR Sober

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