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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Rhett & Link Playing In Fairfield, Ohio

Spintown News:
Alright I'm not going to talk a lot about the Rhett & Link concert today. I shared my experience in yesterdays blog for the most part. What I will do is post the entire preshow & concert.

CLICK HERE FOR Pre-Show & Concert

It's a lot of video to watch, but honestly it's worth your time. If you're interested in learning more about Rhett & Link you should check out their website rhettandlink.com. You can watch their videos or contact them at multiple sites: YouTube, YouTube (their 2nd channel), Twitter (Rhett), Twitter (Link), Facebook, MySpace, Veoh, Revver, Metacafe & others. I'll also post a short bio video about them below.

Rhett & Link Bio
This gives you a better idea of who they are & what they do if you're not familiar with them.

Know Your Meme
This time we learn about the dancing banana from the famous meme "Peanut Butter Jelly Time".

Hoedown Throwdown w/ Dave Days
Dave Days dances almost a bad as I do. It's a good thing his music is a lot better then his dancing.

Swing Mario
Swing versions of classic Super Mario Brothers tunes. All the music is by Koji Kondo. Who would have guessed that Mario & swing go together like peanut butter & jelly?

Dirty Stache'
I used to have a stash almost as bad as that one.

This music video by James Lanman features a hot web-celebrity.

Drops Of Jupiter
Gabe Bondoc sings another song I used to love. This time it's a Train cover.

Best Of The Rest:

1. Here's the latest cover from Tommy Knox. CLICK HERE FOR Leader Of Men

2. This mashup by FAROFF is amazing. CLICK HERE FOR House Of Pain vs Klezmer

3. YouTuber 'jun626' is rockin' out again. CLICK HERE FOR Highway Star

4. In this episode Kata Hay is featured, and gives a performance. CLICK HERE FOR YouTrax 17

5. By now you would have thought I would have heard the Mario theme played on every possible instrument. Not so... CLICK HERE FOR Balalaika

6. Hank Green sings us a song about Harry Potter. CLICK HERE FOR Dead Boy's Girlfriend

7. This dance is more strange then entertaining. CLICK HERE FOR Without Emotions

8. I still loves me some Sesame Street. CLICK HERE FOR Imagine That With Ernie

9. Please forgive me for posting yet another cover of this song. This time it's AJ Rafael. CLICK HERE FOR The Climb

10. Choreographer Soon-cheon created a cool dance routine for this popular song. CLICK HERE FOR Shawty Get Loose

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