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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Consequence 3

Spintown News:
Things have been super slow during the past 3 days online. There's just not a lot of great content coming out right now, so you're getting a mini-blog today.

I do have some good news though. I've got a great idea for a blog in which I'll be collaborating with multiple talented (yet mostly unknown) YouTubers. I've already had 2 agree to help me out, but I don't expect to actually post anything until the end of the month. Until then you'll just have to wait, but I might drop a few hints about what's going on during the next 9 days.

Consequence 3
I've always loved "Bitter Sweet Symphony", and I thought this was a pretty cool idea for a video.

Best Of The Rest:

1. Here's Jennifer Chung singing a Ginny Owens song. CLICK HERE FOR If You Want Me To

2. Ever felt like writing a song about flapping your lips together? Probably not, but somebody did. CLICK HERE FOR Slow-Mo

3. Jordan Casanova does an amazing job with this jazz solo. However the video quality really bites, the limbs get distorted with every quick movement during the routine. CLICK HERE FOR Kill The Lights

4. Alyssa Bernal recently got over a case of the Oink Barf, but she's officially back now. CLICK HERE FOR Poker Face

5. It's really cool that HappySlip & Kevin Jumba are giving to charity, but I wish Christina would sing a little more often. She doesn't sing much in this, but I'm hoping some of you will go request more music from her. CLICK HERE FOR Let It Shine!

6. Randolph Permejo jams with AJ Rafael & friends 1 last time before his big move. Good luck Randolph. CLICK HERE FOR Stand By Me

7. YouTuber 'liantal' is healthy again...my prayers have been answered. CLICK HERE FOR Heartless Freestyle

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