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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Complaints Choir

Spintown News:
I saw Walt Ribeiro tweet about the Complaints Choir on Twitter yesterday. It's old news, but something I don't think I ever mentioned in this blog. So today I'm featuring some of my favorite videos this project has produced. You can see more at their website.

Philadelphia Complaints Choir

Chicago Complaints Choir

Birmingham Complaints Choir

Singapore Complaints

Penn State Complaints Choir

Sointula Complaints Choir

Canada Complaints Choir

Best Of The Rest:

1. The features are done, but here's a couple more complaints. CLICK HERE FOR Juneau Complaints Choir

2. Last one for the day, you can visit the website I mentioned if you want to see more. CLICK HERE FOR Gabriola Island Complaints Choir

3. Getting tired of people complaining? There's nothing to complain about in this pole dance video. CLICK HERE FOR UsLaGirl

4. Kina Grannis does a John Mayer cover. CLICK HERE FOR The Heart Of Life

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