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Saturday, May 30, 2009


Spintown News:
Do you want to animate a brentalfloss music video? Even better, would you like to be paid to do so? If you've got some skills, go bid on a job I just posted at iFreelance. CLICK HERE FOR Job Description The song has never been heard before, and you would be credited in every way possible for your work. Only artists who have the required skills need apply, and those who give an example of their work as described in the description will get serious consideration.

A little while back I posted a dancer doing a funny dance to Taylor Swift's "Love Story". This is the only other video I've found including that dancer (Charles). If anyone else knows where to see more videos of him please let me know.

Baby One More Time
Ten Masked Men decide to do a death metal cover of a Britney Spears song.

Storm Serenade
YouTuber 'liamkylesullivan' breaks out a new character for us, but I still like Kelly better.

Here's a great original song written & performed by Tommy Knox.

Poker Face
YouTuber 'alekseyvanin' does a sweet rock cover of this Lady Gaga song.

Lion Toaster
I think I'll still buy mom a Blendtec blender for her birthday...we already got a toaster...

Skullcrusher Mountain
There are a number of reasons to like Len aka 'jawboneradio' on YouTube. #1 He's the producer of a weekly podcast I enjoy called "Jawbone Radio". #2 He's the talented artist behind Monster By Mail. #3 He's a Jonathan Coulton fan. #4 He's from Ohio...even if he does live in Cleveland... In this video he draws Dr. Brandon, Monkey/Half Pony & Scarface from Jonathan Coulton's Skullcrusher Mountain.

Best Of The Rest:

1. Youtrax.TV has been going downhill lately. This week the show features Lil Miss Keys & Celeste Kellogg. CLICK HERE FOR Show 19

2. I agreed with 2 of these 'Top 5 Summer Jams'. CLICK HERE FOR Sergio's White Hot Top 5

3. This is from the same people who made the Lion Toaster video above. CLICK HERE FOR The Herring Horde

4. Jess Delgado & Bryan Underhill take on a Death Cab For Cutie cover. CLICK HERE FOR I Will Follow You Into The Dark

5. This is the first time I've linked to a Chad Vader video. Chad sings a little diddy near the end of the video. CLICK HERE FOR Training Video Disaster

6. Here's the latest video from David Sides. CLICK HERE FOR It's Yours

7. Sarah LaMantia covers a Taylor Swift song. CLICK HERE FOR Crazier

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