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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Roger Ridley

Spintown News:
Somebody featured in today's blog post will be writing a song for Spintown...and it's not someone that I've already talked about.

Bring It On Home
Why Roger Ridley is singing on a street corner, and not releasing incredible records....I'll never know.

The Reeling
I thought this was a cool music video by Passion Pit.

More proof that America just isn't all that talented.

Young Boyle
Susan Boyle could have been discovered 25 years ago when she performed on video at a local talent show.

YouTrax.tv Show 16
In this episode YouTrax features Savannah Berry & Lil Crazed.

Album Preview
David Choi uploaded a really cool preview video for his new CD titled "Only You". You can listen to all the tracks on the CD, and he even gives links to live performances of each song.

Harry Potter Musical
YouTuber 'butterbeerwrocks' AKA Lena Gabrielle will be working on an interesting project in which you could be a part of. By the way, she'll be writing a song for Spintown this summer as well.

Best Of The Rest:

1. Here's another video from Playing For Change, featuring Sinamuva. CLICK HERE FOR Izulu

2. Here's another video of a younger Susan Boyle. This time singing in 1995 on Michael Barrymore's 'My Kind of People'. CLICK HERE FOR Young Boyle

3. Here's a good original song from Tommy Knox. CLICK HERE FOR Through The Darkness

4. Here's a funny song by Brett Erlich. CLICK HERE FOR Shade Tippin'

5. YouTuber 'wastetimechasingcars' uploaded this remix during the week. CLICK HERE FOR Dat New New (VIKING REMIX)

6. The Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppets tackle Twitter in song. CLICK HERE FOR Twirpy Twirpy Tweet Tweet

7. YouTuber 'Iwillbot' does a great piano cover of a Plain White T's song. CLICK HERE FOR 1234

8. I've been a fan of YouTuber 'ItsJustSomeRandomGuy' for a really long time, but this is the first time he's done a musical number in one of his videos. CLICK HERE FOR Hi, I'm a Marvel...and I'm a DC

9. rathergood has a tendency to post some rather odd music videos. CLICK HERE FOR Bagger 288!

10. This is an old video by Corey Vidal, but I just recently came across it for a second time. CLICK HERE FOR 4 Minutes


  1. hey... i'm out of school. going away in a week, but should be able to get a song to you by july 1st. can you send me a reminder email with more details now that i can actually think? thanks! Lena


  2. No problem, I'll send one later tonight or Thursday night with all the details I can think of.