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Monday, May 18, 2009

Jaw Dropping Street Performance

Best street performance I've ever seen hands down. Thanks to Zadi, from Epic Fu, because I saw her tweet this yesterday.

TheGentleSurprise covers The Kinks, with the help of David Ingram (Guitar) & Dave Bamerger (Bass).

Super Mario Bros 3 WITH LYRICS!
Normally I would have made this the number 1 feature for the day. But I missed Brent's tweet about the new video being out, and I just discovered it. Since it's been out awhile already I figured I'd drop it down a notch. Still a great video, my bad on being late with it.

Naked French Girls
I hate little black boxes soooo much.

Poledance 2008
A lot of people seemed to like the poledance video from yesterday, so here's one from last year.

Kids Group Dance
These kids can dance, but the video editing was a bit annoying.

Why I Hate Danny Gokey
This is a funny little rap I thought yall might enjoy. (no comments on the "yall"....I know I'm a redneck)

Best Of The Rest:

1. Want to see how a serious news show covers a new trend in music back in 1981? CLICK HERE FOR 20/20 Hip Hop

2. Danger Mouse releases blank CD-R to spite EMI. Props to Danger Mouse for the creative screw you. CLICK HERE FOR Blank CD-R

3. Here's the latest cover from David Choi. CLICK HERE FOR Waking Up In Vegas

4. YouTubers "moymoypalaboy" are usually good for a laugh. CLICK HERE FOR Chorizo Burrito

5. Sungha Jung is so good it annoys me. In this video he covers an Alex Kabasser song. CLICK HERE FOR Slababaska

6. I still haven't decided whether or not I like Kata Hay enough to stay subscribed to her. I'll probably wait awhile to see what else she has to offer. CLICK HERE FOR Womanizer

7. It's hard to screw up this Leonard Cohen song. It's just a great song to cover, and YouTuber "ReinaDelCid" does a good job. CLICK HERE FOR Hallelujah

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