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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Boots On

Spintown News:
Slim pickin's today in the intertubes. Not a lot of postworthy material, but I'll share what I did come across.

I took the time to start a Blip account, and uploaded Pain For Laughs 21 there.

Boots On
Rule #12 of blogging: When you're short on content post cute kids or hot chicks. This kid rockin' out to a Randy Houser song qualifies.

I Wanna Be Down
Gabe Bondoc does a great job with this old Brandy song.

I Kissed A Girl
This is only the second time I've linked to these guys, but I have to admit the Brett Domino Trio rocks.

AJ Rafael sings with a few friends before he leaves Boston.

Best Of The Rest:

1. Here's an original song by Jen Chung. CLICK HERE FOR How Do I Tell You?

2. Here's a clip of the finale from the YouTube Symphony Orchestra. CLICK HERE FOR Tchaikovsky

3. Old people head banging to heavy metal. CLICK HERE FOR I've Failed And I Can't Get Up That may be the best title I've thought of thus far.

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