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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Puke In My Mouth

Puke In My Mouth
This is a funny video response to the popular "Jizz In My Pants" viral video.

Let The Beat Build
This is probably the best music video I've seen this year. Especially when you consider it's done in just 1 take.

In An Apatow World
I wish I could live in an Apatow world...

FAIL Rap Battle
If you thought The Computer Nerd was a bad rapper before, just wait until you see him attempt a rap battle. This fails so hard it becomes a success.

Thaksin Rap
This sounds like me when I have to speak in front of a large audience.

What's My Age Again?
This is from some British TV show, and if you're a Blink 182 fan you should watch.

Horror Film Music
I subscribed to 'Isisip' on Metacafe awhile back, but I recently came across her on YouTube. This is her latest original.

Best Of The Rest:

1. This kid is the biggest thing to happen to lip syncing on the internet since Numa Numa or the Back Dorm Boys. CLICK HERE FOR Starstrukk

2. Somebody send this video to Kevin Rose so he can learn to do this correctly. CLICK HERE FOR C-Walk

3. YouTuber 'iposacanuca' is a one man band. CLICK HERE FOR Crazy

4. YouTuber 'SarEliz0131' AKA Sarah LaMantia is the 57th person I've linked to that has covered this song. CLICK HERE FOR The Climb

5. Are you a fan of the MILF? If so, this song & video is for you. CLICK HERE FOR MILF

6. Dominik B├╝chele does a great job with this Simon & Garfunkel song. CLICK HERE FOR Sound Of Silence

7. Here's a cute chick doing the Single Ladies dance in front of her webcam. CLICK HERE FOR Single Ladies


  1. This is a phenominal marketing plan for Ms. Taken. Youtube is becoming the next big place to set your product on fire.

    I added a link to a blog post with all three videos:

  2. Glad you liked the "Puke In My Mouth" video! We thought it about time that ladies got their say. For more info, check out our site!

    Ms. Taken