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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Twitter Song

Spintown News:
After getting through the first half of the Song Fu 4 songs for Round 2 I was extremely disappointed. I actually wanted to stop listening, despite a couple good song ideas. The second half really picked up, and I found 7 songs I liked. It was hard to narrow them down to a top 5, but my picks are in the BOTR section below. CLICK HERE if you want to listen to all the songs from this round, and vote on your favorites.

Twitter Song
Gabe Bondoc wrote what might be my favorite song about Twitter.

Cruel, Cruel Moon
The song isn't new, but YouTuber 'spiffworld' did a great job making a video for this song from Paul & Storm.

Jonas Brothers Rap
The Zipster disturbs & entertains with his latest music video.

Best Of The Rest:

1. Maybe I liked this song because I could relate to it. Props to Gorbzilla, this was my favorite song. CLICK HERE FOR March Of The Geeks

2. I liked the idea Jutze Schult went with. CLICK HERE FOR March 2003

3. I don't really like the music to march by theme for this round, but Sara Parsons made me laugh. CLICK HERE FOR Lets Have An Awkward March

4. Perfect Place wrote a song about ninjas & pirates...of course it's in my top 5. CLICK HERE FOR March Of The Clandestine Ninjas

5. Lex Vader almost didn't get my vote just because the length of this song. CLICK HERE FOR Doomsday March

6. These next 2 songs didn't make my top 5, but they came close, especially this Tom Milsom song. CLICK HERE FOR March As A Mad Hare

7. This song from Steve Chatterton is the last Song Fu song I'm linking to today. CLICK HERE FOR The Only Way I Know


  1. Thanks for giving me the Spintown-bump! If anyone wants to hear any of my other stuff I'm over at www.stevechatterton.com pumping out what I can whenever I can.

  2. Just glad you happened to stumble into Spintown...make a habit of it. Great job with your second round song.