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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Saved By The Bell Again

Spintown News:
Yesterday YouTuber JeimusuJones sent me a track to use in an upcoming Pain For Laughs video. CLICK HERE to check his channel out. He has a great voice, and he's a very talented song writer.

Saved By The Bell Again
Jimmy Fallon has been trying to get the members of Saved by the Bell to reunite on his Late Show. Jonathan Mann thinks that would be a great idea, and so do I.

Better Together
Kina Grannis does a wonderful Jack Johnson cover.

The first 100 things that I started to type probably would have been considered insensitive & cruel....I really just don't know what to say without being too mean. WTF will have to do.

100 Famous Rock Guitar Riffs
Not bad for 1 take. CLICK HERE for a list of all the songs referenced.

The Wizards: Potion Mixin'
This is even too nerdy for me.

All My Little Words (8-bit Cover)
This is a song originally performed by The Magnetic Fields, from their glorious album '69 Love Songs'. This version by Tom Milsom is played on a Game Boy using LSDJ software.

JAI HO (Remix)
IT'S A JAIL BREAK! Oh, never mind...they're just dancing again.

Best Of The Rest:

1. If I hear more songs like this from Shaun Holton, I'll be subscribing to his YouTube channel. CLICK HERE FOR Redemption Away

2. I can't put my finger on why I don't like YouTuber AngelicaV1 as a performer. She can sure sing though, and here's an Esmee Denters cover. CLICK HERE FOR Outta Here

3. This looks like a pretty cool website. Anything that makes getting access to Jonathan Mann's music easier can't be bad. CLICK HERE FOR Bandcamp.com Anthem

4. I really wish Hank Green was in Song Fu 4. CLICK HERE FOR Protons and Neutrons: A Song

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