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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Stop Pain Start Dancing

Spintown News:
The votes are in for Round 2 of Song Fu 4. The first thing I noticed is an extreme drop off in the number of people who voted this round. The website claims that there was only 351 total voters, when in round 1 there was almost 1,300. That's a BIG drop off, and I'm guessing a lot of other people besided myself thought the challenge was lame. Berg & Jerry got the victory this round by 8 votes over Tom Milsom. The top 10 vote getters are listed below:

Berg & Jerry - "This Day Shall Be Mine" (68 Votes)
Tom Milsom - "March As A Mad Hare" (60 Votes)
Ian & Melissa - "Song FUneral March" (50 Votes)
Gorbzilla - "March Of The Geeks (Semi-Autobiographical)" (48 Votes)
Sara Parsons - "Let's Have An Awkward March" (46 Votes)
The Perfect Place - "March Of The Clandestine Ninjas" (40 Votes)
Edric Haleen - "Whispered In Your Ear" (38 Votes)
Steve Chatterton - "The Only Way I Know" (34 Votes)
Denise Hudson - "Anna's Gerbil & The Singularity" (34 Votes)
The Scribbles - "The Student's Revenge" (33 Votes)

The Round 3 Challenge looks a little more promising, but when I first read the word 'standard' I got excited hoping they would be creating songs in the style of people like Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin & Nat King Cole.

For your third challenge, you are to write a standard song. I am defining a “standard song” as one with a definite melody and a chorus that repeats at least once (to clarify: the chorus should appear at least twice in the song). However, your song must run EXACTLY 1 minute in length - no shorter, and no longer. You can write on any topic.
In the BOTR section I posted the rest of the Paul And Storm concert that Mike Lombardo recently recorded.

Stop Pain Start Dancing
This video was done in conjunction with The Arthritis Foundation and DRJ Group, makers of StopPain. This is just a fun video to remind people to keep on dancing and moving! The video is being used to help promote The Arthritis Foundation's campaign "Let's Move Together to promote their popular walks. So remember! Stop Pain Start Dancing!

Nerds For Life
Rapping nerds are always funny.

Twitter Song
It's a good thing ijustine is cute, because this song sucks & she can't sing.

Dont Know Much About You
Here's the latest original song by Doug Payne.

Best Of The Rest:

1. Paul And Storm clip #8. CLICK HERE FOR The Captain's Wife's Lament Part 2

2. Paul And Storm clip #9. CLICK HERE FOR My Enormous P----

3. If you follow Song Fu, you'll remember this song from Mike Lombardo. This is the way he originally recorded it. CLICK HERE FOR Rock Song

4. Peter Coffin wrote a song about pirates...if that's not enough to get you to click the link then I don't know what's wrong with you. CLICK HERE FOR Pirate Song

5. Here's an original song from Scott Bradlee. I like his ragtime music better, but this song ain't bad. CLICK HERE FOR Happily Betrayed

6. Here's the latest cover from YouTuber 'singindork888'. CLICK HERE FOR Falling Slowly

7. Going internet old school on you with this next video. Remember Ze Frank? CLICK HERE FOR How Do You Work This Thing

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